truly chosen

YouR soul's will for you is what you dream in the privacy of your own heart

-Theora Moench


Hi. I'm Theora.


I help successful entrepreneurs find, create, and keep epic love.

And my specialty is teaching dating and relationship in a way you’ve never experienced before.

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to put yourself into a box. I ride a vintage motorcycle that I bought and rebuilt. I renovated a school bus into a tiny home to feed my nomadic side and take my badass business on the road - quite literally. I travel the world often and speak three languages so far. I’ve got a few mystical superpowers. I go to Burning Man. I dance country two-step. And I’m a dog-mom to a three legged, toothless, old rascal who walks like a cowboy and can’t hear anything except the crinkle of a bag of chips opening. I am a very prismatic person.

Why do I share that? Because you are a dynamic person. You are not here to be put into a box! Boxes are boring. You are here to make EPIC FUCKING MAGIC!! And a huge part of that magic is calling in, creating, and cultivating the delicious, tow-curling love you want. This is about you playing even bigger than you’ve ever played before because that is truly the only way for you to have what you want.

When it comes to Epic Love, I am in an incredible partnership with the most remarkable man — a man more wonderful than even I had imagined and a partnership that is truly the spiritual playground I was yearning for. I live what I teach and it shows.

I have also studied with the best intimacy teachers in the country and through my work, helped married couples fall back in love, helped single folks attract “their person”, and helped people bring more truth, depth, ease, and yum into their romantic lives.

So what does this mean for you?

You are an energetic being able to create the love and relationship you want and doing it with a guide makes the journey faster and more fun. We’ll experience plenty of goosebumps while celebrating your colossal awesomeness and loveability!

You’re here to love deeply and fully and be loved in return just as deeply and fully. I promise.

So if you want epic love that makes you feel electric with excitement, then let’s get this party started!!! We’ve got some fantastic work to get to!

Schedule your free exploratory call and we’ll dive into your magic and begin unleashing what else is next.

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Some of what I've Studied and with Whom!

Sacred Intimacy and Modern Relationship - David Deida, Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce, and Alison A. Armstrong
Personal Empowerment - Morgan Field
Personal Power and Business Mastery - Tony Robbins
Business Mastery and High End Sales - Alex J. Moscow



Let’s get started!