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WHAT: A delicious, delightful dinner with other people who live passionately and purposefully and who are committed to making room in their lives for high caliber relationships, sharing and co-creating abundance, who believe in powerful contribution through giving and their mission, and embrace their power as change-makers and culture creators.

WHERE: Each dinner is hosted somewhere new. It depends where in the world I am. So far I have hosted dinners in Portland, New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I am thrilled and looking forward to expanding internationally. We are collecting names from all over and when we come to your city, we'll let you know! Of course, you are welcome to travel to join us, just let is know!

WHEN: Every other month (or so)!

COST: $555. This covers your meal, beverages, and experience curation!!

WHO: Entrepreneurs, artists, creators, athletes, adventurers, builders, and practitioners who enjoy intimate, authentic connection with other radical individuals who like to think differently and laugh loudly.

Please Note: These evenings are small-talk and technology-free. Certain questions like "What do you do?" are not allowed for the first half of the evening and phones are collected at the door when you arrive. Every aspect of the dinner is curated to create real, deep connections with other magnificent souls in a world that is so often busy and distracted. Not here. Here we warp time and juice the bajeezus out of life.

We're looking forward to getting to know you!


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We love being able to create a completely carefree menu for each and every dinner. It's important to us that you can eat everything we serve without reservation. We NEED to know your preferences otherwise we can't do it the way we love doing it. Plus, it offers us a creative challenge that molds each menu and makes every meal wonderfully unique!!