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Do women call you ‘remarkable’?

The Remarkable Man is our one-on-one program designed for good men who want to know simple, practical approaches to being a hero to women on both the global stage as well as within the intimacy of their own homes and friend groups.

As movements like #metoo and Time’s Up have highlighted, the world has some major healing to do.

Many good men have stepped forward to ask “WHAT CAN WE DO?”

This program is designed to help these incredible men answer that question. It is designed to help you feel powerful instead of powerless to help the women you love, admire, and care for. This is a program about building you up and showing you how expressing MORE of your power, not less, is what women need most right now as the world matures into a new level of awareness and relating.


The Remarkable Man Program

- You will walk away from this program with easy, simple, kindhearted tools for how to be more of the man you want to be.

- You will have more confidence in social situations on how to show up in integrity with your beliefs as an honorable man with good intentions.

- You will gain clarity on what to do so that you can actually do it.

- You will know how to have the confidence to stand up for women and other people who need your help.

- You will learn tools to become a man that women feel safe around, trust, and can confide in.

- You will get to step into being a man who loves himself deeply and is grounded more fully in his power.

- You will feel power-FULL instead of powerLESS in your ability to create the change you want to see in the world.


If you want to be the kind of man who women describe as “remarkable”, Drop us a line and let us help you rise into the man you know you’re ready to be.


We need you to own Your true Power.

Will you answer the Call?