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Chelsea Spicer
Founder of Lunar Asa Yoga

When I first met Theora I was struggling with some major blockages to receiving financial abundance, and trying to do the seemingly impossible math of making a living as a full-time yoga teacher. 

I have dreamed up an expansive new vision for my business that absolutely lights me up; I’m already running successful events and enrolling people into my programs - things that I thought would take me years to accomplish. I’m up-leveling in every area of my life, and consistent growth and integration are becoming habitual for me. Theora has helped me realize the confidence I needed to be "All In” on my dreams and share my soul offering- Lunar Yoga- with the world. 

To anyone who is considering this kind of work: do it. Be “All In” on your life. I truly cannot recommend Theora highly enough. She is radiant and fun to work with, always knows the exact right questions to ask, and leaves me feeling inspired to reach for the next level of becoming my best self every time we speak. I can’t wait to see where I go from here!


Eric Allred
CEO of Blockchain Technology Partners

I was always looking for that next "edge" to elevate my business. Little did I know, the next breakthrough I needed for geometric growth wasn't going to be found in the marketplace, but rather internally. By working with Theora I figured I'd experience feeling more fulfilled, have better lines of communication… What I didn't expect was what happened in my businesses. My media company is on pace to hit 8 figures in revenue in our first 12 months. The manufacturing business that I am a partner in is on pace to grow 20X [this year] alone! It’s only March! As an entrepreneur, professional, and executive, magical things happened when I chose to bring the same excitement, engagement, and presence, to these previously under-tended relationships. The energy and love I gained has allowed me to operate at capacities I never thought possible. 

Theora didn't just show me this, she created a foundation and platform for me to grow and learn from. She instilled the confidence through her profound understanding. She taught me how my personal relationships — significant other, family, myself — were equally, if not more, important than those I kept in business. These are sacred, powerful relationships that shape our quality of life in and outside of the office.


Sam Gagliano
Founder of Bent River Tech

Theora is wise beyond her years. She has coached me for the last six months. From coaching me to be a better husband to starting my business, she challenges me to show up, be aware of who I am, approach things with clarity and face the brutal facts. It doesn’t matter where you are as a business owner or in relationships, Theora knows how to empower you to bring your “A” game and get you to take action on building your dreams. She’s worth every penny if your willing to put in 110% effort. I recommend her to anyone who wants to take action, create accountability, and take on life with a vengeance.


"To anyone who is considering this kind of work: do it. "

- Chelsea Spicer, Founder of Lunar Asa


Ash Mudra
Coach, Entrepreneur, and Artistic Director

Theora's coaching style continues to amaze me. When we first started working together, Theora's power-packed coaching style forced fresh air into my life that I was desperately needing and not allowing. Like CPR. Maybe it hurt a little, maybe I broke a rib, but I needed it to save my life. New options started opening up left and right and my world expanded at a rapid with each session. Shortly after working together I produced my first full art project now scheduled to be shown in a gallery, started my long-time dream business and am making real dollars, and healed my relationship to money. At first I questioned if our steam would run out, but that's the thing about working with Theora: It doesn't matter what level you're at, she will help you get to the next one. She will not allow fear or smallness or any subconscious beliefs to keep you from expanding to reach your full potential. As long as you're ready to do the work, you'll have an incredibly powerful and loving person by your side to support you every step of the way. And you probably won't even notice all the hard work you're doing since you'll be laughing the whole time because she's hilarious.


Sarah Ehrlich
Founder of Homespun Midwifery

When I started my work with Theora, I have to admit, I was skeptical that I needed coaching at all. But, as Theora noticed about me a bit later, going for it was my first step in "sabotaging myself into success." Theora's tuned ear listened through my stories to the heart of what I was truly desiring. Then she coached me into going after it! 

Through our work together, I identified where I was selling myself short, I gained clarity on my professional goals, and I gathered the courage to launch my own business. I made breakthroughs in reclaiming my physical health, and deepened my romantic relationship with my partner. She helped me tap into strength and resources and grit that I hadn't realized were within me. 

Theora has this fire that is a catalyst for transformation. Her presence is authentic and allows you to unfold. Her joyful excitement about life inspires you to dream bigger than before. She is wise, patient, and exudes a sense of abundance and optimism. She is clearly following her life's calling and her mission is to support people around her in doing the same for themselves! I recommend her coaching brilliance wholeheartedly.


Dana Inouye
Founder of Teal Urban Wear

Theora is a luminous soul who has a gift for simplifying, clarifying, and reframing. More than anything, she has a way of opening up space for expansion. She busts through dichotomies and re-imagines alternate spaces of possibility. Theora helped me envision a way of integrating my various ideas into a dynamic entity. She is able to tease out your truths and then add her “magic-sauce” spin to provide the shift you are yearning towards. Working with her was wholly empowering.



"18 months later I AM LIVING THAT LIFE in my purpose, my finances, my intimate partnership, and my health - the life Theora helped me envision on our very first call."

-Tom Taylor, Retired and Thriving



Hannah Exner
Founder of Three Moon Collective

All I had for my business was the name and a vision, but no idea how to articulate this vision or make it a reality. I had recently returned home after leaving my corporate job and traveling for a few months, and I was in desperate need of a mentor or guide to help me navigate starting a business and working for myself. 

The past 6 months have been filled with realization, growth, and clarity thanks to Theora's coaching. Every time we identified and cleared an obstacle in my personal life, my business also grew and jumped forward. Working with her on a consistent basis helped me to forge ahead and scale in a way that would have taken me forever to do on my own (AND it was way more fun). Now, I have an established business that is making money, putting on successful events, creating community, and becoming known in the Seattle wellness world. 

Maybe you think you don't need a coach, or you can handle this all on your own. Trust me, you are still the captain of your ship and you are on your way to your destination, but working with Theora is like having the raddest co-pilot throw a party on your boat and then put rocket fuel in the engine. You will achieve your goals faster and enjoy the process more by having Theora as your coach. I can't say enough good things about this woman, let her change your life and your business!

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Katie Blair
Spiritual Mentor and Entrepreneur

Theora has the ability to create true energetic shifts. Because under all of the planning and creating and learning, if you’re not understanding your goals at the core of who you are….then you are not going to be nearly as successful at them as you can be. This is what she does. I’ve worked with many people from which I have learned a lot, but working with Theora actually shifted who I am as a person - and how I am going to show up in the world as a result of that. She has a gift for re-routing unconscious prohibiting thought patterns and words, helping you learn how to answer you own questions, and increasing your manifesting power to extreme levels. It only took a matter of hours for things to start showing up in my life after speaking with her. She is a true coach that is worthy of every penny! 


Maggie Sisco
Co-Founder of Narrative Northwest

Through the past several months of collaboration with Theora, we've grown exponentially in our partnership. Our communication on all levels has been refined, our goals for shaping the business have deepened and grown, our processes are getting dialed, and our ability to problem solve has sharpened.

This partnership with her has allowed us to forge an environment ripe with growth potential backed by effective habits to nurture and promote limitless progress!