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VIP Immersion

A concentrated injection of rocket fuel into your area of choice.


This IS how rockets are launched.

The VIP Immersion is versatile. It’s for people who want BIG MAGIC and want it now.


What clients are saying…

“My immersion day was truly a VIP experience in every way imaginable. I was surprised and delighted every step of the way by the thoughtful attention to details and personalization, not to mention the insightful, revolutionary content. Theora helped me crack open my entire creative process and completely reimagine it to channel more fun, abundance, and soul alignment into everything I offer. I feel like I got to know myself in a brand new way, and my business is feeling more supercharged than ever! And the best part is that I feel like that was just the beginning- my creativity has been flowing on overdrive, and I’m still uncovering new breakthroughs daily as I continue to integrate this experience. I can’t imagine what’s in store for my next VIP day, but I can’t wait to find out!”
- Chelsea Spicer, Founder of Lunar Asa


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