truly chosen

Welcome to the Sisterhood


With our powers combined...

You are here to make an impact. You are here to disrupt the heck out of some mediocrity. You are here to share your magic and sacred rebelliousness with the world. And your here to do it with a badass circle of women by your side.

In this tribe you will:

  • Create soul-aligned business expansion to create powerful prosperity and financial freedom

  • Learn to embrace your sovereignty and trust your own authority above all else

  • Define what being a Powerful Woman means to you in your own terms and life

  • Be part of a sacred sisterhood of courageous, badass women

  • Enjoy loads of laughter, depth, fun, and cosmic juiciness!

Imagine being part of a radical community of majestic women that hold you to your highest standard of magnificence because you share values of abundance, inclusion, and limitless growth. They remind you of your greatness when you need reminding and are always down to party when the successes abound!!! 

If you’re ready to step up and into your full feminine force, in all her different flavors, with an incredible tribe of women at your back, book your call and we’ll talk!

The Sovereign Sisterhood

Investment: $1500/mo

What’s Included:
- 2 group calls per month
- 1 one-on-one call with me per month
- Online Portal (private facebook group)
- Sovereign Sisterhood Retreat (1/17-20/2019)


You belong on this council of Queens.

Trust and Join us.