Theora Moench
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the tribe where expansion gets to be infinite


With our powers combined...

You are here to make an impact. You are here to do epic shit. You are here to disrupt the heck out of some mediocrity. You are here to share your magic and sacred rebelliousness with the world. 


And you're not here to do it alone.

You are ready to 10x what you are capable of by placing yourself at the center of a radical community that is as committed to the highest standard of thriving as you are. Together, you lean in to growth instead of shrink from it. You loving confront one another when you drop standard and compassionately invite each other to rise back into your power again. You refuse to let each other settle for anything less than magnificent because the culture you are committed to creating is one of abundance, inclusion, 

Together, you're here to break the damn mold. You're here to start a revolution.

In this year long immersion, you will...

  • Amplify your power and impact 
  • Reap non-linear, powerful results both professionally and personally
  • Create lifelong, high-integrity relationships
  • Immerse yourself in a culture of uncompromising, unapologetic badasses who hold you to a higher standard
  • Undergo a comprehensive personal revolution

This program takes the sacred road warrior's reverent irreverence to a whole new ball game. It is not for people who are looking for a quick fix or silver bullet solution. This is for people who understand that a revolution changes everything and that on the other side of their fear is everything they've ever hoped for.  This is for people who want to participate in and contribute to a radical community of game-changers. This is for people who are ready to play pro when it comes to expansion and fulfillment. This is for the spiritual mavericks and sacred rule-breakers who are tired of the status quo and ready to create the kind of authentic, abundant, courageous culture the world is craving


you ready to own Your EPIC Power yet?

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