truly chosen

All Year, All You

The Year-Long Immersion that Changed Your Entire World:
Uncompromising, Unapologetic, and Utterly Unleashed


You are made of stardust and your life is about to glitter like woah…

You're here to break the damn mold. When we work together, you will see your business flourish beyond your wildest dreams and watch as the dominoes of empowerment shift every area of your life.


In this program you will:

  • Get crystal clear on what you really truly want and what you are here on this planet to bring into being

  • Experience a massive ripple effect in your business, relationships, and community by living your highest expression of integrity

  • Learn how to create ultimate financial abundance and freedom

  • Cultivate and call in the depth of relationships you desire with your family, friends, and lover(s).

You will leave this program unapologetically YOU in all your colossal power. You will understand what it takes to create what you want when you want it as well as how to help others do the same. 

This program is for people who want to grow not just for themselves, but for the ones they love as well.

If this is you, get ready for a wild, crazy, and utterly delicious journey of prosperity, connection, adventure, and expansion!


1:1 Program - It’s all you

Investment: $5k down, $2500/mo

What’s Included:
- 2 private, one-on-one calls with me per month
- 2 VIP Immersions (these are one-on-one private retreats custom designed to launch you to your next level!)
- The Sovereign Sisterhood OR The Remarkable Man
- Abundant Business Incubator
- All live events, retreats, and workshops (when applicable)
+ Anything else I create anew during our year together


You don’t fit in a box because you’re epic AF.

Choose cosmic and colossal as your default.