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This is about you and
your purpose getting
to be as big, bold, and badass
as you Actually desire to be…



It's time for your personal revolution



You catch yourself thinking that there has "got to be more" but you're not quite sure what that looks like for you... OR you try to implement new strategies and work smarter but you end up just working harder and burnout seems inevitable... OR worst of all, you've created a life that looks great on paper but when you're honest with yourself, you feel a sense of emptiness inside and know that something is missing...

Not knowing what the next step is or where to begin is confusing, lonely, and at times overwhelming. And even if you do figure out what to do next, your haunted by the possibility of failure. 

  • What if you disappoint the people you care about most?

  • What if you take the leap to grow the way you want to but it doesn't work and you just end up stuck in the same damn place again?

  • What if by taking a risk to go bigger, you lose everything you've already built, falling even further behind than where you are now?

You're searching for answers because what you really, truly desire is:

  1. CLARITY of purpose and direction,

  2. FREEDOM to spend your time traveling and creating memorable experiences with loved ones, and

  3. RELATIONSHIPS that bring joy, love, and wonderful adventure into your life.

It's time to get out of your own way and step up into who you need to become as a leader to usher in what you are actually here to create.

Stop settling for "good enough" or "how you've always done it". What got you to your current level of success cannot take you to the next. Get unstuck. Free yourself from the frustration of incremental mediocrity and plateaued holding patterns. It's time to stop settling.

So are you ready to step your business and relationships up to the next level? 

Good! Read on to discover how we can work together.



Here are the different ways I can help you create the clarity, success, and freedom you desire.


Abundant Business bootcamp

the 10-Week Bootcamp +
3-Day Live Event:

Purpose, Power, Prosperity, & Play

Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly what your business needed to grow and had zero doubts about your ability to do what it took to get it there...

At this event you will gain:

  • Clarity of what is next for you and your business tools, strategies and a REAL action plan of what is required in the following weeks, months, and year to get your business to where it needs to be.

  • The inner alignment and psychological commitment required to guide you, your business, and your team to the next level

  • The access to a peer community of entrepreneurs who will hold you to your own extraordinary standard and the ability to level up the integrity of your existing relationships so you can take your mission and vision to where it needs to be one year from now.

This event will not let you play small, it will catapult you towards success, and provide you with a powerful new network of authentic, ass-kicking entrepreneurs committed to growth, contribution, and infinite expansion.



the 6 - Month Group Mentorship +
4-Day Retreat:

Avatars, Archetypes, & Energetics

You are here to make an impact. You are here to disrupt the heck out of some mediocrity. You are here to share your magic and sacred rebelliousness with the world. And you don't have to do it alone.

In this tribe you will:

  • Create soul-aligned business expansion to create powerful prosperity and financial freedom

  • Learn to embrace your sovereignty and trust your own authority

  • Define what being a Powerful Woman means to you in your own terms and life

  • Be part of a sacred sisterhood of courageous, badass women

  • Enjoy loads of laughter, depth, fun, and cosmic juiciness!

Imagine being part of a radical community of majestic women that refuse to let you settle for anything less than magnificent because you share values of abundance, inclusion, and limitless growth. They remind you of your greatness when everything feels like it's falling apart and are just as down to party when the successes start rolling in. 

How different would your life feel and look?


The Personal Revolution Program

the 1-Year, 1-On-1 Immersion:

Success, Spirituality, & Sacred Relationship

You're here to break the damn mold. When we work together, you will see your business flourish beyond your wildest dreams and watch as the dominoes of empowerment shift every area of your life.

In this program you will:

  • Get crystal clear on what you really truly want and what you are here on this planet to bring into being

  • Experience a massive ripple effect in your business, relationships, and community by living your highest expression of integrity

  • Learn how to create ultimate financial abundance and freedom

  • Cultivate and call in the depth of relationships you desire with your family, friends, and lover(s).

You will leave this program unapologetically YOU in all your colossal power. You will understand what it takes to create what you want when you want it as well as how to help others do the same. 

This program is for people who want to grow not just for themselves, but for the ones they love as well.

If this is you, get ready for a wild, crazy, and utterly delicious journey of prosperity, connection, adventure, and expansion!


On this call we are going to get clear on where you want to go and where you are now and what is needed to get you there. If it feels like a good fit to work together, we will discuss which coaching program will be the best option help you create what you really desire.

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Chelsea Spicer

Founder of Lunar Asa Yoga

To anyone who is considering this kind of work: do it.

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Founder of Three Moon Collective

The past 6 months have been filled with realization, growth, and clarity thanks to Theora's coaching.

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Maggie Sisco

Co-Founder of Narrative Northwest

I was empowered to forge an environment ripe with growth potential backed by habits to nurture and promote limitless progress

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Yacht Parties

 (without the yacht)

Something fun I like to do every other month or so is throw one of my "Yacht Parties". They are invite-only and are boatloads of fun!! Intentionally and powerfully curated, this evening is for high caliber souls to come together for delicious food, incredible conversation, and lots and lots of laughs. You may end up sitting beside to your next joint venture partner, BFF,  mentor, lover, or adventure buddy!! Anything is possible when you live and play purposefully!