This is what it's like to work with me...



When I started my work with Theora, I have to admit, I was skeptical that I needed coaching at all. But, as Theora noticed about me a bit later, going for it was my first step in "sabotaging myself into success." Theora's tuned ear listened through my stories to the heart of what I was truly desiring. Then she coached me into going after it! 

Through our work together, I identified where I was selling myself short, I gained clarity on my professional goals, and I gathered the courage to launch my own business. I made breakthroughs in reclaiming my physical health, and deepened my romantic relationship with my partner. She helped me tap into strength and resources and grit that I hadn't realized were within me. 

Theora has this fire that is a catalyst for transformation. Her presence is authentic and allows you to unfold. Her joyful excitement about life inspires you to dream bigger than before. She is wise, patient, and exudes a sense of abundance and optimism. She is clearly following her life's calling and her mission is to support people around her in doing the same for themselves! I recommend her coaching brilliance wholeheartedly.


Creative Director

Theora’s passion, intuition, and training merge into a MEGA LASER that shoots straight to the heart of any issue. She has the clarity and tools to get anyone from where they are to where they want to be. Theora helped me revolutionize the way I think of myself and the places I get stuck, and set me up with a plan to reclaim my power. Working with Theora will be life changing for anyone willing to dive in and do the work.

Theora radiates light. She is a keen listener and has a natural ability to illuminate situations and distill the issues that have you feeling blocked. She questions, investigates, and upends assumptions so as to clear a path for possibility and infinite potential. She gives you hope and tools to create the life you are reaching toward.



I was always looking for that next "edge" to elevate my business. Little did I know, the next breakthrough I needed for geometric growth wasn't going to be found in the marketplace, but rather internally. By working with Theora I figured I'd experience feeling more fulfilled, have better lines of communication… What I didn't expect was what happened in my businesses. My media company is on pace to hit 8 figures in revenue in our first 12 months. The manufacturing business that I am a partner in is on pace to grow 20X [this year] alone! It’s only March! As an entrepreneur, professional, and executive, magical things happened when I chose to bring the same excitement, engagement, and presence, to these previously under-tended relationships. The energy and love I gained has allowed me to operate at capacities I never thought possible. 

Theora didn't just show me this, she created a foundation and platform for me to grow and learn from. She instilled the confidence through her profound understanding. She taught me how my personal relationships — significant other, family, myself — were equally, if not more, important than those I kept in business. These are sacred, powerful relationships that shape our quality of life in and outside of the office.



A little less than a year ago I signed on to be coached by Theora.  At that time I was widowed.  One thing I wanted strongly was to co-create an amazing, playful and passionate relationship going into the 3rd Act of my life.  I was also wrapping up two plus years of development events with Tony Robbins that  surrounded me with amazing high over-achievers and coaching through his organization (Mastery University, Leadership University, and the Platinum Partnership). I was overflowing with multiple, desired outcomes and often competing directions and strategies. My big question was, “What do I do with all the stuff I have learned?” Then Theora stepped forward.

Although I am more than twice Theora’s senior and had myself been a management consultant and coach for the better part of twenty five years with my own toolkit of effective achievement strategies and methods, I was drawn to her intuitive insights during our initial interview. She shared how I might better define and manifest a new level of life experience.  So I signed up. 

It has been both a joy and challenge working with her.   A joy because she is a excellent listener who creates a safe, open, accepting environment that allows all of me to show up. Challenging because, well, with so many years under my belt I have a boat load of self-serving and self-limiting stories and beliefs. Theora, however, is totally dedicated to helping me live as my highest self and, thus, with positive, disarming, and piercing honesty she cuts through my bullshit and provides me with the most valuable gift any person can have, the opportunity to make a choice between a commitment to  live my life as the man of my dreams or to merely settle for less. 

I am fortunate to joyfully report that I am co-creating a passionate, sacred, fulfilling relationship with the second love of my life. In addition, after decades of wanting to contribute to others through writing, I am on a whole new life trajectory, with Theora’s support, to light the way for others through my words and ideas.