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Body Love Workshop

Bring intentionality into the relationship you have with yourself and with your body. For women in particular, we are given so many indications from our families, communities, the media we consume, and one another that we are not enough physically. It can be excruciating and can suck the joy out of a whole host of experiences like a nasty little vampire. Even I can be mean to my thighs when I'm not careful! Everyone has a journey with body positivity and self image and this is an opportunity to upgrade yours.

Let's kick shame, embarrassment, and disempowering standards to the curb! It's your body and it's the only one you'll get this lifetime so let's create some healing, call in some power, and shower ourselves with love to move beyond the bullshit.

Come fall in love with your body. It deserves your love. And so do you.

Earlier Event: February 2
Mindful Tribe Retreat