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If you’re the kind of empowered woman who loves learning in-person alongside other dedicated powerhouses, then our events will definitely be your jam. Just drop your email address here to be the first in line to reserve your spot!


We offer workshops for women and men. These are three of our most popular! Feel free to explore and decide which one excites you the most. We look forward to seeing you in one of our workshops soon!


Audaciously Authentic Workshop

A workshop for women who love adventure, spiritual growth, off-the-wall thinking, and making epic sh*! happen. This workshop is for women who love creating their lives, dreaming big, and playing full out.

- Learn how to create more authenticity and alignment to attract abundance in every area of your life

- Learn tools to create groundedness and calm clarity in any situation

- Expand and explore what it means to own your sovereignty and trust deeply in your own authority

- Tap into, embrace, and own the full breadth of your colossal power and loveability

- Bring your intuition and deeper wisdom online in new and unique ways


The Remarkable Man Workshop

You will walk away from this workshop you will:

- Walk away with easy, simple, kindhearted tools for how to be a more of the man you want to be in the world.

- Have more confidence in social situations on how to show up in integrity with your beliefs as an honorable man with good intentions.

- Gain clarity on what to do so that you can actually do it.

- Create the confidence to stand up for women and other people who need your help.

- Have the tools to become a man that women feel safe around, trust, and can confide in.

- Get to step into being a man who loves himself and is grounded more fully in his power.

- Feel powerful instead of powerless in your ability to contribute to the change you want to see in the world.

If you want to be the kind of man where women in your life refer to you as “remarkable”, this workshop is for you!


Dare to Date Differently Workshop

Coming soon!!!

Contact us if you’re ready for a new approach to dating NOW!


Ready to dive into the deep end and Ignite your love story for real?

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