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Abundant Business Bootcamp

10-week incubator for healers, artists, intuitives, lightworkers, spiritual mentors, and mystics to create truly aligned and abundant businesses.

the remarkable man

The Remarkable Man

6-week course for men who want simple, practical ways to be a hero to women on the global stage as well as within the intimacy of their own homes and friend groups.



6-month group mentorship and sisterhood for women creating their fullest expression in all areas of life - career, love, family/community, and their relationship with their highest self.




Recent Workshops

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soul proprietors
A 3- day Live Event 6/15-17/2018

Three days gaining crystal clarity and learning powerful business tools to get paid prosperously to do what you love. Become a daring entrepreneur without selling your soul!

Rebel rising incubator:

South Africa 6.2019

A soul-catalyzing all-inclusive 5 days in the wilderness of South Africa learning from her most primal wildlife and uncovering the depth and breadth of your true power.


Meet your new mentor

She rides motorcycles and has a crystal collection. She speaks three languages and has visited 27 countries and counting. She built a 6-figure consulting business in 12 months and helps people awaken their power and purpose to play life at a whole new level. And if you're ready for warp speed, she's got an invitation with your name on it.