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Programs for Women

I offer private and group programs for women who are ready to call in the love they crave or who are in relationship and are yearning to deepen the connection they share with their current partner.



In this one-on-one program you will:

- learn what has actually been preventing you from having the love you want and finally let go of those old patterns

- uplevel your selection process so that the caliber of suitors in your life changes dramatically

- learn to understand men in a way that will allow you to relate to them in a new, deep, authentic way

- become the version of you that is ready for and powerfully magnetizing to the man and love you really want


The Sovereign Sisterhood

In this group program you will:

- Learn to embrace your sovereignty and trust your own authority above all else

- Define what being a powerful woman in love means to you in your own terms and life

- Be part of a sacred sisterhood of courageous, badass women who are bravely allowing in and practicing the love they want

- Enjoy loads of laughter, depth, fun, and cosmic juiciness!


I know. It can be a little scary to dive in. Your desire for love runs deep and it is a tender thing. It’s okay to feel hesitant. It’s normal to feel hesitant. That’s why I also offer workshops. They can make dipping your toes in this water feel a bit less big. So if you want to peruse our tasters, that’s what they’re there for. Please join us!


He’s looking for you just as you are looking for him.

Let’s help him find you.

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