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Why DO Successful, Badass Women Have A Hard Time Landing A Relationship They Love?

Does this sound familiar?

You are proud of your career/business. It’s booming. Going fantastically well even. You’ve created the lifestyle you want and the freedom to pursue your passions. You are respected in your industry. People look up to you and describe you as “killing it”.

You’re boss and you’ve crushed it in your career. You’ve worked hard for your success and it shows. The life you’ve built is spectacular on all accounts. All except one.


The truth is you want to be wooed and pursued by attractive, available, accomplished men. You want to feel met - physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. You want to be truly chosen by a man who you love, look up to, and look forward to a life with.

You want a partner in crime. Someone that makes you laugh, romances you, and keeps you on your toes with his devotion and delight in you.

You want a partner who makes you feel safe, seen, and understood. Who can lead your relationship and can take the reigns in a way that let’s you truly relax. You want to be able to let your guard down and be with a man you can trust. A man who inspires you to be a braver, bolder woman. A man who is inspired to explore the full breadth of his power. A man who claims your heart and honors you, because he chooses YOU and revels in all your many flavors.

You love the idea of being a power couple. A real-world, authentic one. You’ve dreamed of a man who would move mountains for you because of how fiercely and deeply he loves you.

But you look around at your peers and you don’t see the kind of man you want. In fact, you don’t see many couples that look the way you would want your partnership to look.

You’re afraid that the kind of man you want may not even exist! You’re afraid that you’re running out of time and that you may never find him. You’re afraid that even if you do find him you may not be ready for that kind of man and that you’ll sabotage the connection.

There is nothing wrong with you for not having a partner. You’ve probably “done everything right” and played by the rules. You’re frustrated because you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work.

Success and a fulfilling relationship are NOT mutually exclusive. You can have both AND they can support and uplevel each other like you wouldn’t believe!

You’ve probably invested TONS of time, money, and energy into growing your business. What if you invested at the same level in manifesting your partner and cultivating the partnership you really wanted?

Most successful women say they want a partner but fail to invest in the education and support that could actually help them have the love they want.

That’s partly because you’ve been raised to believe “it should just happen”, which is such a bunch of hogwash. 

Or admitting how much you want it makes you feel inadequate or like there is something wrong with you.

Usually it’s both. Plus a bunch of other doubts and fears mixed in.

The truth is, he is out there and he is craving you just as much as you are craving him. But we have some work to do because what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working.

And it’s not your fault. You’ve genuinely been doing the best you can with the cards you were dealt.

But Sugar, they didn’t give you a full deck!!

So let’s upgrade your game girlfriend!

You CAN have a successful, bodacious life AND a relationship that lights up your world.

If you are ready to end the revolving door of dating disappointment FOR GOOD, because you actually want to be wooed, pursued, and TRULY CHOSEN by a remarkable man so that you can co-create an epic partnership together, then I can help you.

If you’re still reading this, STOP! And book your Love Breakthrough Call right now!!!

I offer private and group programs for women who are ready to call in the love they crave AND for those who are in relationship and are yearning to deepen the connection they share with their current partner.

Programs for Women


Wooed, pursued, and truly chosen

This 6-week program to ATTRACT THE MAN you really want:

- stop making easy-to-avoid mistakes that are keeping you single so that you can let love in in a way that lights up every area of your life

- stop attracting disappointing duds and become wooed and pursued by attractive, available, accomplished REMARKABLE MEN

- disinherit the dysfunction of social conditioning to become the author and protagonist of your love story so that you can start living it right now and stop waiting for a “someday”

- catalyze your romantic destiny and learn how to set in motion the love story of a life time

* This program is designed for powerful, successful, awakened, single women who are ready to share their life with a powerful king who is their soul match


soul queen sisterhood

Long-term support to help you create fulfilling, lasting love.

In this year-long, group program you will:

- Call in the love you truly want and get to practice sacred relationship and sacred sexuality with your soul king.

- Learn how to inhabit and reside in radical self-love so that you are deply connected and fully expressed in your highest expression - become yourself as a Soul Queen.

- Fine tune your energetic alignment so that you can get out of your own way and let the love you want in

- Get to experience what being a powerful woman in love means to you on your own terms and in your own life

- Be part of a sacred sisterhood of courageous, badass women who are bravely allowing in and practicing the love they want

- Enjoy loads of laughter, depth, fun, and cosmic juiciness!

* This program is designed for BOTH women in relationship and women moving towards relationship. The bringing together of these two groups is an integral component of why this group works so well!


Legendary love

High-end, private coaching designed to accelerate and deepen your exquisite love story with your soul king.

In this year-long, private mentorship, you will:

- learn what it takes to call in a man who meets you or invite your man to meet you at all levels - intellectually, erotically, spiritually, physically, professionally.

- learn how to attract and inspire an honorable man who has the power to lead the relationship so that you can relax into love and being more unapologetically you

- learn to understand men in a new way that will allow you to relate to them in a new, deep, authentic way and facilitate any healing that needs to happen in order to allow your soul king in.

- learn to understand the energetics of intimacy so that you can experience chemistry, connection, and devotion at will

*This program is tailor-made for you so it is a great fit for BOTH women in relationship seeking to deepen and women orbiting towards relationship ready to meet their soul match and co-create their dream relationship.

What Clients Are Saying

“ When I first started working with Theora, I was in the middle of a divorce from a 6 year toxic marriage. It was was just me and my 8 month old son. My relationship with men (romantic and platonic) had been shattered, and I had just embarked on my journey into falling back in love with myself but I was lost. I had no idea who I was outside of that marriage and it was terrifying stepping into single motherhood in that confusion. My big family dreams went up in smoke and I fell into a state of "Who the hell is going to want me now?". Theora and her intuitive magic guided me on a deep dive into myself on a level I had never experienced. Together we discovered my past trauma's that had subconsciously lead me to a toxic marriage, I was able to consciously heal the wounds necessary to fall back in love with myself, we re-framed my mindset around relationships, mapped out my dream life / soul partner, and lead me to discover the awakened woman I would need to expand into to meet such a man. The woman I always knew I was but never stepped into. One year later, I 100% believe I have called in my soul king through our work together. This type of relationship is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it all started with my choice to work with her. I honestly did not know what to expect from our work together but it turned out to be the missing piece to my journey. Theora is a beautiful soul that will walk along side you at your pace but will also lovingly challenge you to embody your inner boss queen... the queen that will call in your king. If you want epic soul aligned love, she will show you how to uniquely create it with all the passion, magic, and "fuck yes" moments you deserve.”

- Lindsay


are you ready!?

Your desire for love runs deep and it is a tender thing. It’s okay to feel hesitant. It’s pretty normal actually. How do you know if it will work for you? I’m willing to bet on you because I know you can have it. You’ve been missing a new way forward and the right support. That is what I’m here to help you with. So if you are curious, hopeful, or wondering “Could this be the way?”, let me help you explore what will guide you to create the love you want. Book a 45 minute call with me and we will tap deeply into your authentic, real, delightful, magical love story in a matter of minutes.


He’s looking for you just as you are looking for him.

Let’s help him find you.

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