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“When I first started working with Theora, I was in the middle of a divorce from a 6 year toxic marriage. It was was just me and my 8 month old son. My relationship with men (romantic and platonic) had been shattered, and I had just embarked on my journey into falling back in love with myself but I was lost. I had no idea who I was outside of that marriage and it was terrifying stepping into single motherhood in that confusion. My big family dreams went up in smoke and I fell into a state of "Who the hell is going to want me now?". Theora and her intuitive magic guided me on a deep dive into myself on a level I had never experienced. Together we discovered my past trauma's that had subconsciously lead me to a toxic marriage, I was able to consciously heal the wounds necessary to fall back in love with myself, we re-framed my mindset around relationships, mapped out my dream life / soul partner, and lead me to discover the awakened woman I would need to expand into to meet such a man. The woman I always knew I was but never stepped into. One year later, I 100% believe I have called in my soul king through our work together. This type of relationship is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it all started with my choice to work with her. I honestly did not know what to expect from our work together but it turned out to be the missing piece to my journey. Theora is a beautiful soul that will walk along side you at your pace but will also lovingly challenge you to embody your inner boss queen... the queen that will call in your king. If you want epic soul aligned love, she will show you how to uniquely create it with all the passion, magic, and "fuck yes" moments you deserve.” - Lindsay


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