The Best Way To Use Dating Apps


What is the best way to use dating apps?

Get off of them.

Dating apps are less likely to help you meet YOUR someone than you might think.

They create a culture of convenience and unless you want the foundation of your relationship to be one of low-investment and overcoming the jadedness that often comes with digital dating, they are not the best place to start.

Yes, some people have had really remarkable luck finding love online but that is not the rule. That is the exception to the rule.

If anything, I see dating apps as a sneaky way that people opt-out of fully participating in creating the love they want.

I remember when I was single and mingling, I had been working a ton on my energetic alignment, walking my talk with all my love activation practices, and I went into a coffee shop between meetings. There was a handsome man sitting next to the front door. I checked him out and I could tell he was checking me out.

But then I just walked out. Neither of us said ‘hi’. Nothing.

I know for me it’s because I had unconsciously trained myself that dating happened before bed while swiping. I didn’t have to take risks or be courageous or dare to share a flirtatious ”hello” to get the party started.

Unknowingly, dating had become something I did alone at home, not out in the world.

If you’re like me, you want a dope relationship. You want an adventure partner and a spiritual match. You want someone you can intellectually pitch and catch with, someone who you think is sexy AF, someone who you belly laugh with, someone who is both your teacher and pupil in love!

They BEST way to do this is to be out in the world like it’s your personal, magic, epic love playground! Practicing what you want and showing up for the relationship you want like your life depends on it… because, let’s be real, the QUALITY of your life DOES depend on it!

And, create some “rules of engagement” for yourself. Let it be fun!

Get off the bench of your own love story and get on the field.

Play. Participate. And, as always, get someone in your corner to help!

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a beacon in your life who tends the flame of hope, perseverance, and possibility when you are plagued by doubt and disbelief.

You are deserving and capable of having the love and relationship you want, AND you have got to begin participaing in the creation of your love story in a new way!

*** And, YES, I’d love to be that person!!! But if you don’t vibe with me, HIRE SOMEONE ELSE!
I stand in the certainty that “that love” IS for you. It is out there. Your reciprocal is just as desirous of meeting you. So why not participate in catalyzing the connection sooner? I know you don’t want to wait any more!

Theora Moench