Where Are All The Kings Hiding? I'm Ready!


“Where are these Kings hiding? I’m ready.” - She said.

First things first.

They’re not hiding.

Second things second.

The reason you can’t find them is because in some shape, form, or fashion you are not creating from the position of Queen.

Now this can trigger some people!

If it does it's inside you there is an old, conditioned reaction that I am saying you are not enough, or that you are doing it wrong, or some other form of not good enough.

Which I am NOT saying, because I didn’t say that.

(^^^ It’s right there for you to re-read in case your brain did make up that I was saying something I wasn’t. 😘😁)

That is YOUR fear, YOUR doubt, and YOUR belief that you are hearing and creating that interpretation from.

Not mine.

Quite the contrary.

I DO believe you are enough.

I believe you are exquisite.

I believe you are a badass, delicious catch.

I believe you are uniquely designed for epic love and lived greatness.

I believe you are capable of creating this love, possibly a lot more than you believe you are.

In my experience and in the experience of my clients, when a man claims and embodies his king or when a woman claims and embodies her position of queen…


But no, it’s not a low-investment shift.

It’s not just changing this ONE limiting belief.

It’s not learning a new tool or strategy.

It’s not the new dating app that’s going to somehow have better prospects than the ones on every other dating app.

And it’s not doing a six-week course and hoping that that will “fix it” or be the nudge you needed to move the needle.

And anybody who tells you that or sells you that is grossly over-simplifying what it is that you really need.

Inhabiting your inner Queen/Goddess/Love Priestess is a journey.

It’s a yoga.

You must come back to the “Mat of the Moment” over and over again.

And it asks a Mentality of Mastery of you — experienced as a renewing return to your commitment to inhabit your position as Queen, make decisions from the seat of your power, and when you stumble, re-devoting yourself to the practice.

One of the most detrimental beliefs we’ve adopted and recycled is this idea of love “just happening”.

It may be the most common yet most ineffective approach to having the love you want, now that I think of it.

Now I can already hear the Mind’s objections…

“But I’ve done soooo much personal work.”

“I don’t want to buy ANOTHER program.”

“I feel like I’ve done everything right, why hasn’t the Universe delivered yet?”

“When will I catch a break?”

“I’ve been trying for years and it feels like it will never happen.”

This is the same part of your mind that creates feelings of imposter syndrome, inadequacy, and lack of self-worth.


So if you are being really honest with yourself, what percentage of each day do you really spend inhabiting the energy of your inner Queen?

(And I'm not just talking to the ladies here! This goes for you too Gents! Wha percentage are you inhabiting your inner King?

What do you need to do to double or triple that?

What new beliefs, commitments, and support to you need to decide on to help you get as close to 100% as possible?

Because when I first began this journey, I had to take a good look in the mirror and realize that the honorable, powerful, incredible King that I wanted would not have been attracted to the woman I was showing up as.

Because I was fantasizing for a savior.

I was hoping for someone to swoop in and salve my fears of not enoughness, too muchness, and hoping that they would “prove me wrong” about the wounds I was still carrying from past relationships.

Kings are not attracted to damsels in distress.

The same way Queens are not attracted to dudes in distress.

This lack of attraction does not originate from judgement.

It originates from Energetic Law.

(We add the judgement and jadedness later, lol!)

Sovereign Souls are magnetized, pulled towards, drawn to attracted towards their reciprocal.

And trust me, when you step into that sovereign identity more fully, the noise of the other B.S. you’ve been playing in the background begins to fall away. It melts and the pathway towards the love and relationship you want becomes wildly more clear.

So step one is really digging into and getting clear on

AND YES, I know I sound like a broken fucking record, but you need effective support.

Surround yourself with people who model what you want. If you look around and you don’t see people modeling what you want, look harder. This is step one, hunt down those people and that community. Collect evidence that pulls you forward and don’t tolerate you’re own wallowing. Consider this your “Court of Love” and it will help hold you to your highest standard.

Another way to do this is work with a beacon. If you’re tired of me saying this, too bad!! Sovereigns have royal advisors for a reason!! Hire someone to help you call him in and show up to dating powerfully and in alignment with what you want. And then keep working with them once he shows up so that you don’t dump all your relational trauma on him and sabotage the new relationship. And then keep working with them so that as you move deeper and deeper into this delicious relationship your building and keep showing up like a boss that is capable of co-expansion, co-elevation, and co-evolution. And then keep working with them so that you can maintain, sustain, and nourish your accountability to the spiritual playground of your relationship as it evolves and is decorated by life’s events and adventures. And so on and so forth.


And thank you to the women who ask out loud what many hold back. The best way to find the answers you want is to begin with powerful questions!

Theora Moench