Is High-End Coaching Right For You? And How to Pick the Perfect Coach!

"I know how to accelerate this process." she said...
It's been ringing in my ears ever since.

The truth that 'we create our reality' is moving it's way into the collective belief system.
Not everyone is there yet but the awareness and knowledge of it has caught like wildfire and is gaining extraordinary momentum.
So basically most of us now agree that, you can create WHATEVER the heck you want. Wealth, health, love, success, material wants, ethereal wants, etc.
You can create all these things yourself.
It'll probably take you a few years, reading a lot of books, journaling, self-examination, bouncing ideas off of other growth-oriented individuals, etc.

How flippin' cool is that?!?

But what if you could "collapse time"?
What if you could "accelerate the process"?
What if you could turn 5 years into 5 months?
Well, you can!!

In that one sentence my friend captured the essence of what makes coaching powerful.
She had been working on sexual empowerment for 5 years. She worked on it diligently and had made progress but even after 5 years there were moments that demonstrated to her that old stuff was hanging on deep, down inside.
She was ready to succinctly and truly break through to a next level of experience and expression sexually.
So she hired a coach.

Like Steve Jobs said, we can't connect the dots forward but we can backwards.

I began to constellate back through my life all the time I had deeply wanted and yearned for something... and each and every time I had worked with a coach to make it happen.
When I wanted to cultivate unwavering self-love, I hired a coach.
When I want to grow my business to six figures, I hired a coach.
When I wanted to call in epic love, I worked with a coach.
When I wanted to understand the metaphysical laws of intimacy, I hired two coaches!!

Some of them went by coach, others by spiritual teacher, and others identified themselves as strategists.
But in essence they all fall under the umbrella of what we know as coaching.

You CAN "accelerate the process".
You CAN collapse time.
You CAN have it now-ish instead of years down the road.
And that's what my friend was getting at.

I'm obviously a believer.

It has changed every area of my life - fitness, sexuality, love, business, wealth, freedom - and it's why I've embraced this work as my vocation and purpose.

A great coach can help you make 6-figures in your business in a short period of time.
A great coach can help you call in earthquaking love or transform your current relationship into it's fullest expression.
A great coach can help you create a lifestyle that helps you nurture your body into something energized, strong, and vital (and sexy!)
A great coach can help you become unapologetically you and enjoy the bajeezus out of your delicious, earthly life!

The magic is that what might have taken you 5 years of active self-study and work, you can now accomplish in a matter of months with the right support.

The people in the world who have what they want,
are the best at what they do,
who are living the dream

They do not think thoughts like "I can do it all by myself". Their brilliance lies in the understanding that doing it all by themselves actually SLOWS DOWN their ability to create what they want.

Instead, they prioritize getting out of their own way, and leverage the resource of other people's insights and genius to get further faster.
The think thoughts like, "Who can I hire to support me to create exactly what I want, and fast?"

This is what sets them apart.
They see and seize the opportunity to "collapse time" to get where they want to go now, not later.

When my friend said this, I shook my head a little bit at how simple and yet how revolutionary this little summation really was for me. It is exactly why I hire coaches and why I have created all that I have created in such a short period of time.

So go get yourself a coach!!
And be prepared to invest IN YOURSELF in terrifying ways.
It SHOULD scare you a little bit.
EVERY SINGLE TIME I have invested in coaching I have felt scared. Because my nervous system knew this would mean change, growth, no-more-hiding, and actually having to get behind creating what I wanted.

So here are three tips for how to pick the right coach for you:


What is it that you really, truly want deep in your heart?Yes, the things that make your water mouth and the things that you might even be afraid to say out loud. There are a bajilion coaches out there teaching everything from tantric womb-activation to financial freedom and whatever it is that you want, there a plenty of coaches that can help you.


If you invest at a level that feels "safe", you may be creating an energetic "escape hatch" for yourself.

For example, I have spent up to 5x my rent on coaching monthly before. It is one of the most important investments I make in myself. The quality of my life is AS IMPORTANT TO ME as the need for shelter.

Your life, your growth, your dreams need to be one of your top priorities (for best results, make it #1) if you really want to live "that life", have "that business", live "that relationship".

If you are actually going to create what you want, investing your time, money, and energy in big, thrilling, new ways is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS to activate and accelerate your progress and the results you'll experience.


Choose a coach who you feel a deep resonance with but that also holds you to a higher standard than you hold yourself. Pick someone you trust to lead you towards your dreams even when you inevitably will want to back out because the going gets tough! Choose a beacon. Choose someone you admire. Choose someone who is further along the path who can share with you what is coming and how to navigate it!

Theora Moench