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You are here to make an impact. You are here to disrupt the heck out of some mediocrity. You are here to share your magic and sacred rebelliousness with the world. And you’re here to do it with a badass circle of women by your side.

Imagine being part of a radical community of majestic women that hold you to your highest standard of magnificence because you share values of abundance, inclusion, limitless growth, and truly epic love. They remind you of your greatness when you need reminding and are always down to party when the triumphs arise! 

In this community you will:

  • Master relational intelligence so that YOU are the creative force behind your love life, instead of our trauma!

  • Practice courageous communication so that you are able to build the foundation of trust and bravery your epic relationship requires

  • Cultivating energetic agility so that you can consciously and meaningfully create passion and partnership with ease

  • Truly embody your sovereign self so that you NEVER have to worry about losing yourself in a relationship ever again!

  • Learn to embrace your sovereignty and trust your own authority above all else

  • Define what being a Powerful Woman means to you in your own terms and life

  • Be part of a sacred sisterhood of courageous, badass women

  • Enjoy loads of laughter, depth, fun, and cosmic juiciness!

All so that you can…

  • joyously stay on path feeling inspired and energy-rich

  • summon your Soul King with grace, curiosity, and excitement

  • truly live and breathe the lasting, fulfilling relationship you truly desire with YOUR remarkable man

Imagine being part of a radical community of majestic women that hold you to your highest standard of magnificence because you share values of abundance, inclusion, limitless growth, and truly epic love. They remind you of your greatness when you need reminding and are always down to party when the triumphs arise! 


If all this resonates with you, keep reading to get all the juicy details and claim your spot in the upcoming group coaching program….

In addition to three months of live, group coaching calls, when you take action today to join the “Becoming Queen” group coaching program you’ll get instant access to a sacred online space to connect with me and the other members of the community for ongoing feedback, encouragement, support, and connection. You’ll be immersed in this community where creating epic love is the new norm and you’ll have a new environment to create from. 

This private forum is a powerful and supportive sisterhood at your fingertips 24/7 where you’ll get to connect & build relationships with, and work alongside, driven & inspiring women all bringing their soul’s love story to life! 

In all the science about creating long lasting change it’s been found that the fastest way to accelerate and sustain it is to be surrounded by others on the same journey. In this private community you’ll be surrounded by other activated women creating their love stories alongside you and literally be transplanted into this new reality… because I’m guessing that you are often in groups of other people where they are frustrated with men, feeling hurt by men, disappointed by men, or have convinced themselves they are happy without the partnership they complain they don’t have. That doesn't fly here. When you join this community we’re all here to support you to take ownership of your love story, focus on what you really want and take powerful and aligned actions towards creating it so that you can move away from all the old baggage and experiences and finally create the epic love story you truly want.

This is for you if…

Happily engaged!!!

Happily engaged!!!

  1. You have tasted and tapped into your queen, but you don’t live there.

  2. You’re having fun, but it still feels clumsy sometimes or like it requires focus and effort. You’ve learned all this amazing new stuff, but there is still resistance and even fear of dating and you know that trying to push onward alone is going to lead to you repeating old patterns that you don’t want!

  3. You know you want this but you put off the work, and don’t give it you focus… you need support in sustaining this as a priority.

  4. You’re otherwise happy with and proud of the life you’ve created! No, you don’t NEED a relationship to be happy but having your man in your life feels like it is the thing that would make you happiest! (and sometimes it feels like the one magic ingredient that is missing!)

  5. You now better but still fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others or to an unattainable goal of perfectionism and you want to kick the habit of beating yourself up for good!

  6. You’re feeling like you need a new way forward because what you’ve been trying just ain’t working!

  7. You want to be wooed and pursued by high caliber men. You’re tired of trying to interpret a man’s behavior to discern if he is into you or the incessant mental ping-pong in your brain when you’re trying to decide if you should text or call him or whatever other hamster-wheel guesswork you’re just DONE dealing with!

  8. You don’t just want a relationship to keep loneliness at bay. You want a relationship that enriches and amplifies your experience of life. You want your relationship to turn heads, not because it’s cute, but because it inspires others with it’s authenticity, depth of love, and staying power! When people see you two together, they can’t help but think “If she can do it, maybe I can too!!!”

  9. You need not only accountability but reminders of your colossal loveability so that you can break free from the of hamster wheel of self-doubt, insecurity, and dooms-day worries that plague you when something unexpected occurs.

  10. You want a community of empowered women with whom it is safe to learn and who lift you up and hold you accountable to your most powerful self!

What’s your investment to join the program?

When you join “Becoming Queen” program you’re going to get the implementation support, accountability, and community to completely transform your dating and love life. You’re going to walk away having shifted your old limiting beliefs and behaviors and having new skills, habits and ways of being that support you to live in your power, own what you want and express yourself unapologetically. You’ll have an understanding of the languages of intimacy and communication skills for connecting deeply with the men in your life. And you’ll have the clarity, confidence and conviction to actively create your epic love story, attract the type and caliber of men you want to be with, and have the skills to cultivate a relationship that inspires you.

What would it be worth for you to end the dating disappointment forever and finally create the relationship you’ve been yearning for? 

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re living in your power, owning your truth and living in alignment with your desires…

Imagine being actively wooed and pursued by the caliber of man you really desire that excite and inspire you…

And imagine being in the epic relationship you’ve always wanted enjoying trips together, co-creating a home together, dreaming about your family together, reading next to each other in bed, attending weddings by each others’ sides, planning your own wedding, and sharing your beautiful life with the man whose absence you currently feel.

This is exactly what we’ll be working on creating together in the program through the proven processes, weekly exercises, and high level of support so that you don’t have to wait around any longer.

I invested over $250,000 into education, training, and support to create these results and my one-on-one private clients invest up to $50,000 a year to work with me and get access to this information. 

I considered charging $15,000 for this program as it includes one-on-one, personalized support (in the group environment), and a community of like-minded badass babes for support and sisterhood.

And let’s be real… wouldn’t it be worth that to be free from all the frustration, disappointment, despair, and time-suck of your current situation and instead be either in or actively creating the intimate relationship and connection you really want to foster, where you and your man get to co-create an epic life together?


However, because many people aren’t at a point that they’re willing to invest as heavily as I have, because I believe that the entire dating culture today needs a complete overhaul, and because I want to serve and support more empowered women to redefine their relationship to dating, love, and intimacy, you can join me in the “Becoming Queen” program at a fraction of that value.

When you take action today and register to join me in the program you can get access right now for 3 easy payments of just $1999… OR you can pay in full and save $997!!!

This discount is only available for a limited time and I have limited space in this program as I like to keep it a small group. That way there is more time for you to get one-on-one support from me, deeper connection with the other members of the program, and ultimately even better results. So if you're ready for that epic relationship with a man you swoon for then take action now, click the link below and join me in the group program.

You’ll be glad you did.

What you get…

Investment: $1999/mo    What’s Included:  - 3 group calls per month - Online Portal (private facebook group) - All call recordings - Interim access via portal for open access to Theora    Exclusive Bonuses:  - Summon Your Soul King Session - 1 Ticket to Epic Love Summit 2020

Investment: $1999/mo

What’s Included:
- 3 group calls per month
- Online Portal (private facebook group)
- All call recordings
- Interim access via portal for open access to Theora

Exclusive Bonuses:
- Summon Your Soul King Session
- 1 Ticket to Epic Love Summit 2020

What Clients Are Saying…

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“ When I first started working with Theora, I was in the middle of a divorce from a 6 year toxic marriage. It was was just me and my 8 month old son. My relationship with men (romantic and platonic) had been shattered, and I had just embarked on my journey into falling back in love with myself but I was lost. I had no idea who I was outside of that marriage and it was terrifying stepping into single motherhood in that confusion. My big family dreams went up in smoke and I fell into a state of "Who the hell is going to want me now?". Theora and her intuitive magic guided me on a deep dive into myself on a level I had never experienced. Together we discovered my past trauma's that had subconsciously lead me to a toxic marriage, I was able to consciously heal the wounds necessary to fall back in love with myself, we re-framed my mindset around relationships, mapped out my dream life / soul partner, and lead me to discover the awakened woman I would need to expand into to meet such a man. The woman I always knew I was but never stepped into. One year later, I 100% believe I have called in my soul king through our work together. This type of relationship is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it all started with my choice to work with her. I honestly did not know what to expect from our work together but it turned out to be the missing piece to my journey. Theora is a beautiful soul that will walk along side you at your pace but will also lovingly challenge you to embody your inner boss queen... the queen that will call in your king. If you want epic soul aligned love, she will show you how to uniquely create it with all the passion, magic, and "fuck yes" moments you deserve.”

- Lindsay B.

My 100% “No Woman Left Behind” Guarantee.

When you join me and fully participate in the “Becoming Queen” group coaching program it comes with my 100% “No Woman Left Behind” guarantee. I promise that when you join me for this program you’ll get the support you need to release and reframe your experiences from the past and create a new love story that truly inspires you. You’ll let go of old baggage, increase your trust in yourself, gain clarity on what you truly desire (uninformed by others) and have the tools to actively create it. 

I believe in this program and in the coaching and support I’m able to provide. I know that I can help you create the epic love and intimate relationship you so deeply desire and I back it up 100%. When you join the group coaching program and actively participate, attend the calls, do the homework, and put in the effort, if at the end of the program you still feel stuck or you haven’t yet seen a significant shift in your experience of dating and relationship I will support you until you do. Simply reach out to me privately in the private forum and we’ll connect to get you set up and moving forward creating your future from a place of excitement and possibility instead of dread or obligation.

I’m taking a risk offering this but I know that when you show up and fully participate in the program you’re entire love life is going to change. Now, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be in the epic relationship with your Soul King at the end of 6 weeks but you will be on an entirely new trajectory towards attracting and creating that kind of relationship, and if you don’t feel you are then I’ll support you until you do. I know you’re going to be blown away by the value and support you receive in this group program and more than satisfied with the result and new outlook and experience of dating and relationship.


You’re Almost Done!

Pay In Full (save $997)
Amount at checkout $5,000.00 USD
3 Month Payment Plan (Billed Monthly)
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$1,999.00 USD
Every 1 week (x 2)$1,999.00 USD
Total $5,997.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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What One Client Had to Say…

“Before meeting Theora, I had not yet let myself feel into the full expression of what I truly want around partnership — which is my soul human to share this life with, whenever that comes through! Since working with Theora I am more clear on what I truly want and I’m owning it. I’m living in energetic alignment in the way I show up in the world now that I know what I’m looking for and my entire LIFE has opened up (not just in the field of dating but in so many other areas) since introducing this radical self honesty around love into the mix of my existence! 

Olivia full of joy and wonder!

Olivia full of joy and wonder!

I got so many mixed messages around love and dating and partnership in this culture which have often felt like either a fantasy-land or low-vibe and defeatist. Working with Theora I have a sparkly new perspective on the MAGIC of calling in a partner, and so many exciting re-wiring techniques that make the path of romantic love feel exciting, fun, spiritual, playful and ALIVE! Meow!!

I am experiencing a deepening clarity and openness around dating and magical playfulness and communion with Source/the Universe around calling him in! It feels fun. It feels relaxed. And I trust in the perfection of the timing of it's unfolding and I feel so much more confident approaching and interacting with men out there in the real world.”

- Olivia A.

So, are you ready to enroll, or do you have questions?

Q: I've already tried everything! How can I be sure this program will work?   

A: This program works because it takes a proven structure (which addresses social conditioning, relational trauma, neuroscience, among others), adjusts your mindset and emotional set (clean slate plus upgrade anyone?), and teaches you how to be more grounded, authentic, and at ease in your love life—all while having FUN! 

Most relationship programs focus on tactics for assessing a guy’s investment level or trying to perform a version of femininity that may simply not be authentic to you. All MORE things for you to keep track of and think about instead of being authentic and present in the moment. Here we don’t employ tactics, we don’t affect our sexuality or essence, and it’s truly about doing less. Cleaning OUT the conditioning and old patterns so you can start fresh with a foundation of possibility and excitement. Remember that?!

You currently have a gap in your love life. You are not where you want to be. And doing more of the same (dating apps, drunk dudes at bars, crossing your fingers, relegating love to the back burner, etc) is NOT going to bridge that gap. 

This will. 

Q: It seems counterintuitive to spend money to “learn how to do love”. How can I justify this investment?   

A: Historically, the cards are stacked against you. I was doing research and stumbled upon a truly alarming tidbit. In western countries, it wasn’t until about the 1970s that love became common as a primary driver for choosing to get married. That means that basing relationship on and creating relationships with love as a foundation has only been a common practice for 50 years! That is less than a lifetime. Before that the primary drivers for marriage were based on survival - resource acquisition, division of labor, socio-political reasons.

All this to say that everything you’ve learned about relationship - whether from your family of origin, the media, or past partnerships - is a hand-me-down of a cultural norm that was designed to create relationships based on TOTALLY different building blocks.

The reason you have struggled so much is because you inherited a tool shed full of hammer, drills, and shovels and are trying to create an exquisite oil painting with them. It is incredibly difficult to do.

This course combines modern neuroscience, relational psychology, AND ancient connection traditions to finally equip you to stop floundering and start flourishing in love.

No one taught you how to show up for love in a way that is actually going to create what you want. What you want is so so so possible but you need new information and new tools. Let me help you put down your hammer and pick up your palette and brush.

So my question to you is, how can you afford NOT to invest in this? Because if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep creating the same results. And you wouldn’t be here if you wanted  to keep repeating more of the same!

Q: I'm so busy! How do I justify the time I'll need to complete this program?

A: Right now, you're wasting time. I only say this because the women who are drawn to my work have often waited much longer than they ever wanted to. Let’s be real, you wanted him to show up, like, yesterday! You’re wasting time you could be enjoying trips together, co-creating a home together, dreaming about your family together, reading next to each other in bed, attending weddings by each others’ sides, planning your own wedding, and sharing your beautiful life with the man who’s absence you often feel!

I KNOW this may be painful to read. And if it is, that is exactly why it’s time for you to do this scary thing. Not only are you going to get new information and tools, but you are also going to get the opportunity to be IMMERSED in a community where this is the norm. The FASTEST way to accelerate this process is going to be surrounding yourself with other activated women creating their love stories along side you. 

You need to literally be transplanted into a new reality because my guess is that you are often in groups of other people where they are frustrated with men, feeling hurt by men, disappointed by men, or have convinced themselves they are happy without the partnership they complain they don’t have. 

You need a new cultural set point and that is exactly what I have created for you.

Also, practically speaking, every call will be recorded for you to access at your leisure so you can still learn and grow at your own pace!

Q: Honestly, something I struggle with is feeling tired of it all and sometimes feeling hopeless that it will never happen. And doing MORE work doesn’t sound like fun. How is what you teach me different from other relationship programs and methods out there?   

A: Again, this is not about tactics and strategies and DOING MORE. We are probably going to throw out everything you think you know about the “should’s” and “should nots” of dating.

You will experience LESS confusion, “desperation”, disappointment, and exhaustion.

You will experience MORE clarity, groundedness, ease, and fun.

The stuff you will be doing differently is going to feel liberating, exciting, authentic, and inspiring to you that it won’t even feel like work. It will feel like growing and rising in love.

Still Have Questions? I’m Here To Support!

I and my team are happy to answer any questions you have about the 90-day group coaching program, the private online community or the bonuses. My goal is to support you to transform your experience of men, dating and relationships and learn the skills, tools and beliefs necessary to actively and consciously create the epic love story your heart has been yearning for. I plan to make the “Becoming Queen” group coaching program an experience that transforms your life and relationships forever and a journey you will never forget. Simply email me at Theora (@) with any questions and we’ll be happy to support in any way we can.

A Final Note: 

If you’re a successful, single, empowered woman who’s rocking in most areas of your life and you’re ready to end dating disappointment forever and become wooed, pursued and truly chosen by a high caliber remarkable man so that you live the love story you’ve always dreamed of and get to share your life with a partner who truly inspires you, then take action now and register for this group program. 

When you complete the program you’ll have an entirely new and exciting outlook on men, dating and relationships and have new beliefs and ways of being that will support you to live in alignment with what you want and take the actions necessary to create it. You’ll have crystal clarity on your true desires, the tools for living in your power and unapologetically expressing yourself and a growing trust and confidence in yourself. Who you were and the challenges you experienced at the beginning of the program will be worlds apart from where you end up after 6 weeks. At the end of the program you’ll be on an entirely new trajectory towards creating the epic relationship you truly desire and having that journey be fun, exciting and inspiring, instead of filled with dread, disappointment, and despair. 

Space is limited in the program and we get started on September 17th so grab your discounted seat in the program and over $23,000 of bonuses now while they’re still available and join me in the “Becoming Queen” 90-day group coaching program to end dating disappointment and attract a remarkable man and partner you truly desire.

So NOW are you ready?  

Are you ready to become a your version of a sovereign queen who LIVEs in her power and creates love from an unapologetic space of full expression? Are you ready to be wooed, pursued, and truly chosen by remarkable men? Are you ready for a breakthrough (or twenty)? Let's do this!    


- Chelsea S.


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